Dino Houtas

The Vicar

Hi, I was born in Wellington in 1959 into a loving Greek family and grew up in the wider Greek community, with all its trappings. Lots of good food, lots of cousins, lots of uncles and aunties and lots of time spent in the Greek Orthodox Church. I went to Hataitai Primary and then on to Rongotai College in Llyall Bay.

I was a good boy as a youngster but something went off around year 13; I was a difficult teenager and gave my folks a pretty hard time. I left school at 15 then left home at 16. By the time I was 18 years old I was in very bad shape, so in an attempt to save my life, my parents put me on plane to England. A life of running and chaos began when I hit the road in my new home, and I roamed around Europe for years, lost and a mess. By the time I hit 43; I knew that I was lucky to still be alive but I was exhausted and I realised that surviving life wasn't enough, I wanted to live life but didn't know how. Everything changed in a moment. I was given a chance to live a new life and I grabbed it with every fibre of my being.

New life is good ... I discovered that God is kind, loving and cares about me. I am now married to an amazing woman named Lucy and we have a beautiful son who is a joy to behold. At 18, I left NZ and vowed that I would never come back, but I was Ordained in St Paul's Cathedral London a few years ago and sent home to share God's Love with as many people as possible. Thats the deal. 

The Far North is the place to be. Awesome community, lots of food, lots of cousins, lots of aunties and uncles, lots of sun and sea and plenty of bounty. 

God cares about you too. Be Blessed.